Gabriella Amor

IMG_9192Thanks for joining me!

Hello my fashionistas! My name is Gabriella Amor Mazza and I am here to make your fashion life a little simpler but NOT less chic. No I am not living in Manhattan or traveling to the world’s most alluring spots…YET (small town girl with big dreams). I am just your typical college student trying to express my personal style, while maintaining my school work and  staying within a reasonable budget. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good Balenziaga bag as much as the next girl but with limited resources, it is important to make do with what is available. Having access to the most elite brands in the fashion world and being able to purchase just about any product can be extremely beneficial. However, it is not everything and it is certainly not everyone. It is simple to walk into a high end store and request this season’s most wanted bag or accessory if you are financially capable of that. However, not every fashion lover is and I most certainly am not. It takes a real fashionista to use what they have and turn it into pure chic. Hopefully you will scroll through my page and like my style and want to follow along my fashion journey. If not, that is totally okay too, because everyone’s style is different and that is the beauty of fashion.

I thought it would be a good idea to use this image because this is the place where I will be reporting to you 99% of the time. I recently decided to redo my room, so in case you were wondering where my laboratory was, here is your inside look. Nothing too fancy because I am still a teenage girl living with my parents. Therefore, the space I have to glamorize is limited to this small room.