The Cardigan-Belt Combo

With the never-ending cold weather and slim chance of sunshine coming anytime soon, you might feel like you’re running out of warm outfits for everyday activity. It’s time to spark your creativity and do something you haven’t done in years—check out the back of your closet.

Everyone has their go-to outfits that they love to rewear, but rediscovering old pieces and making new outfits can be fun and much easier than you think!

Start off by choosing your favorite warm and cozy cardigan with a funky print. Then, take a dive into the million solid colored tee shirts you have stacked in your closet and be sure to pick a color that is going to make your cardigan pop. After you tuck in your tee shirt, add one of your simple solid colored belts and a pair of jeans. 

A look like this is not only trendy and chic, but extremely comfortable to wear on those long days of sitting in class or running errands. 

Down below, I have linked my sweater I am wearing along with other options you can affordably add to your wardrobe!

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