My Latest Obsession


You know those days when you are craving something sweet but not super heavy? Or you just finished up at the gym and you need something packed with protein to help build those muscles?

Recently, I was in need of something sweet but not super filling after the gym, so I tried Caffè da Vinci in Spa Roma in Morgantown. I am OBSESSED! I had ordered the Berry Trim and yes it was great tasting, but the best part about it was the health value. This powerful packed drink is only a little over 200 calories and they give you so many flavors to pick from. You can also choose from the many additives such as get lean, get regular, get energized, get youthful and get resistance!

On those days that you DO want something filling, they have meal replacement drinks as well and they are phenomenal! I tried my friend’s Peanut Butter Cup and it was amazing. Sometimes healthy does not always mean tasty and if it is really delicious, it usually is not the best for you. So when I heard about the new Caffè da Vinci at Spa Roma that had nutritious and delightful drinks, I had to try them! If you live near the area, I highly recommend swinging by this adorable place to grab something quick after the gym or even as an afternoon snack!

Spa Roma Caffè da Vinci Address: 170 Lakeview Drive, Morgantown, WV 26508

TANK ~ $9.97 | LEGGINGS ~ $69.95 | HOODIE ~ $12.90 | SHOES

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