School Wardrobe: Part 2


It’s time to give all of those solid colored t-shirts you have hanging in your closet some use. Whether it is black, white, purple or pink, I know your simple t-shirt will look amazing with a trendy pair of jeans/ jean capris.

Spice up your wardrobe with those fun cutoff jeans that are affordable and adorable. The ones I am wearing are from Forever21 where they have a variety of jeans you can pair with any colored tee and still look fabulous.

Tip: With distressed jeans comes serious sensitivity to the washer, especially if those jeans are from a store like Forever21. So, I would avoid washing as much as possible to keep that original finish in order to get more wear out of them!

Just when you think your look cannot get any cuter, try adding a belt! You might be surprised by the difference adding a neutral colored belt can do. This is also going to accentuate those jeans! And if you’re anything like me, adding a belt not only looks good, but it makes you feel good (it holds those jeans up and it holds it all in).

The slide obsession has yet to die down in the shoe world. So, you can pretty much purchase a pair anywhere. I personally love the plain black slides because you can wear them with absolutely anything! Plus, the slight platform adds an edge to your look. The pair I am wearing are on major sale right now! I bought them for $90 but they are marked down to $49.98!

You can pair those basic tees with any sort of funky pant, but stores are filling up with all of these new ways to wear denim. So, take advantage of that!

I have linked everything  I am wearing down below!

JEANS ~ | $35.00 |  T-SHIRT ~ $10.90 | BELT ~ $39.90 | SHOES ~ $49.98

Here are some different choices that I have my eye on at the moment!

JEAN 1 ~ $35.00
JEAN 2 ~ $42.00
JEAN 3 ~ $29.90
T-SHIRT 1 ~ $10.90
T-SHIRT 2 ~$17.50
T-SHIRT 3 ~ $12.90
SHOES 1 ~ $13.00
SHOES 2 ~ $59.97
SHOES 3 ~ $34.99

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