Night Out


Yes, of course college is a place for learning, BUT we would all be lying if we said going out was not also a part of the experience. Those nights you are scrambling around your dorms or apartments looking for “the perfect going out outfit” while your best friends dig through your makeup are memories you will forever cherish (and it happens to be my favorite part).

When it comes to going out, I am not big on the whole “let’s find something as short and tight as possible” look. Wouldn’t you rather have someone say, “I LOVE your outfit!” than “Girl, I am about to see a little more of you than I should?”

Deciding on a look for the evening can be so much more fun than you think. You can take it so many different ways. Who cares if you live in a small town where the only person you might see is that kid who sits across from you in Geology? LIVE IT UP and put something together that is going to bring you attention for the right reasons. Most importantly, wear something that makes you FEEL good so you can be the best version of yourself!

My favorite sites for night out looks are Fashionova and PrettyLittleThing. There are hundreds of tops, bottoms, and dresses that you can piece together and begin creating your own style rather than grabbing the first thing you see hanging in Charlotte Rousse. Be creative and be YOURSELF!

For this look, you need the perfect night out makeup! Kristen Miller chose just the right colors to give me that evening look. Check out her phenomenal work just like this @kmiller_beauty !

EARRINGS ~ $9.97 | TOP  ~ $15.99 |BOTTOMS ~ $42.00 | SHOES ~ $89.95 | PURSE ~ $22.90 

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