Back to School


Just like every year, we blink and summer flashes before our eyes. Then, we are right back in school. Even though school means homework, exams and waking up way earlier than you would on the warm summer days, you have so much to look forward to. While pushing through the everyday struggles all college students face, there are so many priceless moments.  This is a season of life that allows us to be surrounded by our closest friends. It’s an equal balance of work + fun that we might not experience with the same ease in the future. The football games, social events and taking on the night downtown is what makes college the absolute best.

Speaking of games! It’s always fun to pull outfits together for football season. No matter what your school color may be, when game day rolls around it can be a struggle to find the perfect outfit that represents your school colors and your personal style. My go to store for finding multiple pieces that are affordable and workable for many looks is Forever21. The store gives you so much to work with. I know several of you shop there, but if you haven’t taken advantage of the staple pieces in your school colors, I highly recommend it.

For warmer weather games, tying up a tank into a knot with your holy jean shorts and converse is a perfect casual and easy look. If you want to go fancier, choosing from the many different colored rompers gets the job done fast. There is no need to worry about tops or bottoms. So, you can focus on accessorizing and incorporate those killer shoes you have been waiting to wear.

With the right outfit comes the right mindset. It’s really easy to get caught up in things that don’t matter. College opens up many opportunities to fall under the radar, not accomplish what you should or to fall into the trap of finding your self worth in the wrong things. Set a goal and stick to it. Stay committed to building a future you want. It will all pay off in the end. My mom has always told me, “Work hard now, so you won’t have to work hard later”.

All the luck sister, you’ve got this!

ROMPER OPTION 1 ~ $22.00 | ROMPER OPTION 2  ~ $10.99 |ROMPER OPTION 3 ~ $25.99 | SHOES ~ $89.95

The romper I am wearing is out of stock, so I have listed a few similar choices above!

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