Gotta have it

IMG_0545-1 4.jpeg

Yeah yeah yeah I know its another post of some girl holding an iced coffee. Super original right? Luckily, I live 5 minutes from a coffee shop called Almost Heaven Desserts that makes it exactly how I like. My obsession is a medium iced latte with unsweetened almond milk and cinnamon powder mixed throughout the expresso shot.

Being a college student pretty much means having a coffee in hand at all times. Plus, living in a small town means not much to do besides drive to your favorite place to drink some and catch up with your best friends (aka go on and on about how stressed you are with school and life).

Over the past year I have tried to maintain a healthy diet, so I stick to this drink choice to stay away from a heavy amount of sugar and dairy. By simply changing a few ingredients in your favorite morning energy booster could make a bigger difference than you think. Of course choosing a tea over coffee would definitely have more health benefits, but I have yet to find one I like as much as my everyday latte.

EARRINGS ~ $18.00 (originals out of stock) | TUBE TOP ~ $18.00 | BRACELET ~ $24.97 (originals out of stock) | PANTS ~ $27.90 | SHOES ~ $18.00 | SUNGLASSES ~ $12.99

P.S. For this post, my makeup was done by Kristen Miller. We went for an everyday summer look and she killed it! She amazes me with how talented she is! Go check out her Instagram page full of even better looks @kmiller_beauty !

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