Look Good Feel Good


The saying “Look good, feel good” is very true when it comes to working out. Lets face it, we all love Beyoncé so it is only appropriate to wear her collection when in need of a confidence boost. This pale pink Ivy Park top from TopShop is adorable and affordable! 

The white leggings are perfect for summer and beyond comfortable. They have small holes throughout the bottom which creates a breezy feeling. Plus, they are 50% off right now at Aerie!

It really comes down to preference when deciding on gym shoes. I personally run everyday, so I felt it was necessary to invest in a nice pair that would not wear down. However, there are millions of shoes and millions of prices, so it is all about what is going to benefit you the most.

Exercising is something that can definitely make a huge impact in your life if you just stay consistent. I’m not going to sugar coat it, when you’re first starting out at the gym it sucks, bad. You feel like everyone in the building is making fun of what you’re doing or how you’re doing it. But GUESS WHAT each person in that gym feels the exact same way as you do. It can be overwhelming to look on Instagram and see thousands of women looking like fitness models, but the reality of it is, they all had to start somewhere and most of the time priorities get in the way of revolving your whole life around the gym. 

Trust me, I love cake and cookies and sitting at home watching Netflix as much as you do. But simply taking 30 minutes out of your day (most days) to sweat can make a huge difference. So, GET UP and GET MOVING because the only person you should worry about being better than is the person you were yesterday.

IVY PARK TOP ~ $35.00| WHITE LEGGINGS ~ $19.98 | RUNNING SHOES ~ $109.97

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